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John Zacherle Zacherley "Monster Mash" LP 1960's Wyncote Horror Roland

Zacherle Zacherley, John  Monster Mash LP 1960S Wyncote Horror Roland
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Zacherle Zacherley, John "Monster Mash" LP 1960'S Wyncote Horror Roland
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Zacherle Zacherley, John  Monster Mash LP 1960S Wyncote Horror RolandZacherle Zacherley, John  Monster Mash LP 1960S Wyncote Horror Roland
John Zacherle (Wyncote SW 9050 Stereo)-"Monster Mash"-LP. This vintage novelty LP was released in the 1960's.Tracks include-Monster Mash,Hurry Bury Baby,Let's Twist Again,Gravy,Popeye,Weird Watusi,Pistol Stomp,Dinner With Drac,The Ha Ha Ha,The Bat.Perhaps the single most iconic figure in the genre, John Zacherley began hosting horror movies in late 50s Philadelphia as "Roland." The program was popular enough to attract the attention of WABC in New York, who promptly hired him. With the move, the character underwent a name change to Zacherley, and instantly became one of the iconic figures in the horror host genre. With appearances on American Bandstand, in Famous Monsters of Filmland and The Saturday Evening Post, and the release of the "Dinner With Drac" 45 record, Zacherley became one of the first nationally recognized horror movie hosts.

Following his runs in Philadelphia and New York, John Zacherele moved into radio as a long-running deejay. However, the Zacherley character remained popular, and was revived many times over the years, his ghoulish exuberance making him the genre's most recognizable ambassador. He hosted the local dance show, Disc-O-Teen, and appeared on the Mike Douglas and Tom Snyder programs, as well as Saturday Night Live. He's the only horror host to appear twice on cover of Famous Monsters magazine. He lent his name and editorial skills to a pair of paperback horror collections (Zacherley's Vulture Stew and Zacherley's Midnight Snacks) and hosted a new comic book anthology, Midnight Terrors. He is easily the most prolific horror host recording artist, with a number of singles, as well as the albums Spook Along With Zacherley, Zacherley's Monster Mash, Scary Tales, Zacherle's Monster Gallery and Dead Man's Ball. He also made a guest appearance on Rob Zombie's Halloween Hootenanny. His feature film work includes Geek Maggot Bingo, Dr. Horror's House of Erotic Idiots, and Brain Damage. He was also involved in the video projects Zacherley's Horrible Horrors and The Zacherley Archives.Please note-John Zacherle changed the spelling of his last name to "Zacherley" in later years. The LP has been autographed on the front cover by "Zacherley" in red fountain pen............CONDITION OF VINYL,COVER AND AUTOGRAPH IS WEAK VG...............