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Gore Vidal "Hollywood" 1990 Book Signed Autograph

Vidal, Gore  Hollywood 1990 Book Signed Autograph
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Vidal, Gore "Hollywood" 1990 Book Signed Autograph
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Vidal, Gore  Hollywood 1990 Book Signed AutographVidal, Gore  Hollywood 1990 Book Signed AutographVidal, Gore  Hollywood 1990 Book Signed Autograph
Gore Vidal-"Hollywood-A Novel Of America In The 1920's"-Random House-6" X 9"-437 pages-hardcover book-with jacket-Signed BY Author.Prolific American novelist, playwright, and essayist, one of the great stylists of contemporary American prose, who has been active in politics. Vidal made his debut as novelist with WILLIWAW at the age of 19, while still in US Army uniform.

"One understands of course why the role of the individual in history is instinctively played down by a would-be egalitarian society. We are, quite naturally, afraid of being victimized by reckless adventurers. To avoid this we have created a myth of the ineluctable mass ('other-directedness') which governs all. Science, we are told, is not a matter of individual inquiry but of collective effort. Even the surface storminess of our elections disguises a fundamental indifference to human personality; if not this man, then that one; it's all the same, life will go on." (from 'Robert Graves and the Twelve Caesars', in Rocking the Boat, 1963) Gore Vidal grew accustomed at an early age to a life among political and social notables. He was born at the military academy in West Point, New York, where his father was an instructor. He was raised near Washington, DC, in the house of his grandfather, Thomas P. Gore, a populist Democrat senator from Oklahoma. Vidal learned about political life from him and when he was a teenager he adopted the first name of Gore. Vidal also spent time on the Virginia estate of his stepfather, Hugh. D. Auchincloss. After graduating from Philips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, he served on an army supply ship in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Much of his time in the Enlisted Reserve Corps he devoted to writing. Upon his discharge he worked for six months for the publishing firm of E.P. Dutton. From 1947 to 1949 Vidal lived in Antigua, Guatemala. His first novel, Williwaw, was based on his wartime experiences as a first mate on Freight Ship 35 in the Alaskan Harbour Craft Detachment. The conventional seafaring story was written in the spirit Ernest Hemingway.The book has been autographed on the title page by Gore Vidal......BOTH BOOK AND AUTOGRAPH ARE IN VERY GOOD CONDITION......................