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Robert Stack 1960's "Untouchables" Photo Signed Autograph

Stack, Robert  1960S Untouchables Photo Signed Autograph
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Stack, Robert 1960'S "Untouchables" Photo Signed Autograph
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Stack, Robert  1960S Untouchables Photo Signed Autograph
This item is a 5" X 7",black and white photo of Robert Stack as he appeared in "The Untouchables" television series in the 1960's. Robert Langford Modini Stack (January 13, 1919 – May 14, 2003) was an American stage and movie actor. He was perhaps best known for his film acting as well as his role in the television series The Untouchables and as host of Unsolved Mysteries.Stack depicted the crimefighting Eliot Ness in the television drama The Untouchables from 1959 to 1963. The show portrayed the ongoing battle between gangsters and federal agents in a Prohibition-era Chicago. His role on the show brought Stack a best actor Emmy Award in 1960. The Untouchables was one of the first "realistic" cop shows, much like Dragnet. Stack also starred in three other series, rotating the lead with Tony Franciosa and Gene Barry in the lavish The Name of the Game (1968-1971), Most Wanted, (1976) and Strike Force (1981). He began hosting Unsolved Mysteries in 1988, where his serious, ominous voice and stoic facial expressions lent an authentic gravitas to the program's dark subject matter. Reportedly, he had an enormous interest in the unexplained—psychic phenomena, ghosts and the like—because he himself had had an unusual experience of this nature. However, he also said that he valued the storytellers above the stories themselves and did not necessarily believe every case of this nature that he presented. He thought very highly of the interactive nature of the show, saying that it created a "symbiotic" between viewer and program, and that the hotline was a great crime-solving tool.The photo has been autographed on the front by Robert Stack in black............................BOTH PHOTO AND AUTOGRAPH ARE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION.................