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Neil Simon "Chapter Two" 1979 Playbill Signed Autograph

Simon, Neil Chapter Two 1979 Playbill Signed Autograph
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Simon, Neil "Chapter Two" 1979 Playbill Signed Autograph
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Simon, Neil Chapter Two 1979 Playbill Signed AutographSimon, Neil Chapter Two 1979 Playbill Signed AutographSimon, Neil Chapter Two 1979 Playbill Signed Autograph
Playbill For The Eugene O'Neill Theatre-"Chapter Two" by Neil Simon-May 1979-5" X 9"-48 pages-Theatre Program-Signed By Neil Simon. The author of The Odd Couple, Neil Simon was a playwright whose Broadway plays and Hollywood movie adaptations made him one of history's most financially successful comedy writers.Neil Simon began his career as a TV writer for Sid Caesar and Phil Silvers in the 1950s. His debut play Come Blow Your Horn was a hit in 1961, and for the next two decades Simon was a hit-making machine, writing successful plays for Broadway and then adapting them for the Hollywood screen.His comedies were lively middlebrow gagfests, flavored by his New York Jewish upbringing. The Odd Couple (1965), the tale of a fastidious writer who moves in with a slovenly sportswriter after his wife tosses him out, won Simon his first Tony. He also won Tonys for Biloxi Blues (1985) and Lost in Yonkers (1991) and was Oscar-nominated for the movie version of The Odd Couple (1968), The Sunshine Boys (1975), The Goodbye Girl (1977) and California Suite (1978). Simon also won a Pulitzer Prize in 1991 for the play Lost in Yonkers.Not always a critical darling, Neil Simon was an undisputed champion at selling tickets and delighting fans. For three decades he was a guaranteed box office name on Broadway and in Hollywood. During the 1990s his plays moved off-Broadway as a little of the shine wore off. Likewise, Hollywood's enthusiasm for Simon's Borscht-belt-tinged comedy waned in the 21st century.His other work includes the movie The Heartbreak Kid (1972) and the plays Brighton Beach Memoirs (1983) and Biloxi Blues (1985, both breakout stage roles for young Matthew Broderick as Eugene Jerome, an autobiographical stand-in for Neil Simon). He also published three volumes of memoirs: Rewrites (1996), The Play Goes On (1999) and Neil Simon's Memoirs (2017). The Playbill has been autographed on the front cover by Neil Simon................BOTH PLAYBILL AND AUTOGRAPH ARE IN VERY GOOD CONDITION.