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Scientists, Inventors And Medicine

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Barnard, Christiaan Dr. "One Life" 1969 Book Signed Autograph
Price: $195.00
Barrows, William Edward  "Light Photometry And Illumination" 1912 Book Signed Autograph
Price: $99.00
Berrill, N. J.-Man'S Emerging Mind-Book-Signed 1955
Price: $99.99
Carter, Charles H Md LP Signed Autograph New Therapeutic Concepts In Epilepsy
Price: $99.99
Chopra, Deepak  "Golf For Enlightment" 2003 Book Signed Autograph
Price: $99.00
Cousteau, Jacques "The Ocean World" 1975 Book Signed Autograph Color Photos
Price: $495.00
Einstein, Albert "The Meaning Of Relativity" 1950 Book Signed Autograph Illustrated
Price: $1,295.00
Fermi, Enrico "Elementary Particles" Book Signed Autograph Yale University Press
Price: $995.00
Fuller, R. Buckminster  "Untitled Epic Poem On The History Of Industrialization" 1962 Book Signed Autograph
Price: $499.00
Hall, Calvin S. And Bell, Alan P.-The Personality Of A Child Molester: An Analysis Of Dreams--Book Signed 1971
Price: $99.99
Hawking, Stephen "Superspace And Supergravity" 1981 Book Signed Autograph Illustrated
Price: $2,495.00
Heiser, Victor  M.D. "An American Doctor'S Odyssey" 1936 Book Signed Autograph
Price: $99.00
Holzer, Hans  "Born Again-The Truth About Reincarnation" 1970 Book Signed Autograph
Price: $99.99
Johnson, Gaylord-The Star People-Book-Signed 1921
Price: $99.99
Jung, Carl C.G. "Psychologie Und Religion" 1940 Book Signed Autograph First Edition German
Price: $895.00
Kevorkian, Dr. Jack  Photo Signed Autograph
Price: $199.00
Kevorkian, Dr. Jack "Prescription Medicide-The Goodness Of Planned Death" 1991 Book Signed Autograph
Price: $295.00
Kilby, Jack  Color Photo Signed Autograph Computer Chip Inventor
Price: $199.00
Laing, R. D.  "The Politics Of Experience" 1967 Book Signed Autograph
Price: $299.00
Leakey, Louis "Animals Of East Africa" 1969 Book Signed Autograph Color Photos
Price: $399.00
Leavitt, C. Franklin M.D.-The Laws Of Self Development-Book-Signed 1930
Price: $94.99
Ley, Willy "Tom Corbett Space Cadet Sabotage In Space" 1955 Book Signed Autograph
Price: $199.00
Mead, Margaret  "And Keep Your Powder Dry" 1942 Book Signed Autograph
Price: $249.00
Mead, Margaret Look Magazine 1971 Signed Autograph Color Cover Photo
Price: $199.00
Miller, Dr. Jonathan "The Body In Question" 1978 Book Signed Autograph Photos
Price: $139.00
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