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Walt Kelly "Pogo" Cardboard Mobile 1940's Signed Autograph Vintage

Kelly, Walt  Pogo Cardboard Mobile 1940S Signed Autograph Vintage
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Kelly, Walt "Pogo" Cardboard Mobile 1940'S Signed Autograph Vintage
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Kelly, Walt  Pogo Cardboard Mobile 1940S Signed Autograph VintageKelly, Walt  Pogo Cardboard Mobile 1940S Signed Autograph VintageKelly, Walt  Pogo Cardboard Mobile 1940S Signed Autograph Vintage
This item is a cardboard Walt Kelly Pogo Mobile. The Pogo Mobile is from the 1940's and comes in the original envelope which measures 10" X 12". PLEASE NOTE-this item has been opened and was assembled at one time-the mobile is not complete and contains three pieces.Walter Crawford Kelly, Jr (August 25, 1913–October 18, 1973), known as Walt Kelly, was a cartoonist notable for his comic strip Pogo featuring characters that inhabited a portion of the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia.Pogo was a landmark strip in many ways and Kelly is arguably one of the greatest and most influential of cartoonists in the history of the craft. Kelly combined masterful line and brush-work (learned at the "mouse factory", Disney) with fluent and highly amusing story-telling acted out by an endearing cast of "nature's screechers". He borrowed from various dialectical sources and his own fertile imagination to invent a unique and charming backwoods-patois, heavy on the nonsense, to fit his cartoon swampland. Although Pogo stands on its own as a superbly-realised cartoon strip for the ages, it was perhaps Kelly's interjection of political and social satire into the work that was its greatest pioneering accomplishment — such commentary was simply not done in the genre of dailies in Kelly's time.

The principal characters were Pogo the Possum, Albert the Alligator, Churchy LaFemme (cf. Cherchez la femme), a turtle, Howland Owl, Beauregard (Houndog), Porkypine, and Miss Mamzelle Hepzibah, a French skunk. Kelly used the strip in part as a vehicle for his liberal and humanistic political and social views and satirized, among other things, Senator Joseph McCarthy's anti-Communist demagogy (in the form of a shotgun-wielding bobcat named "Simple J. Malarkey") and the sectarian and dogmatic behavior of Communists in the form of two comically doctrinaire cowbirds.

Another interesting facet of the comic strip were the unique speech balloons that several characters were drawn with. One character, Deacon Mushrat, an educated muskrat, spoke in speech balloons with decorated Gothic style lettering. The village mortician, Sarcophagas Macabre, a vulture, had square, black-framed speech balloons with fine script lettering, resembling funeral announcements. P.T. Bridgeport, a bear and showman and promoter of questionable repute, spoke with speech balloons in highly decorated type, resembling 19th century circus posters. The Pogo Mobile has been autographed on the front of the original envelope by Walt Kelly.....................BOTH MOBILE AND AUTOGRAPH ARE IN USED CONDITION............