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Woody Harrelson 1993 Photo Signed Autograph "Indecent Proposal"

Harrelson, Woody  1993 Photo Signed Autograph Indecent Proposal
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Harrelson, Woody 1993 Photo Signed Autograph "Indecent Proposal"
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Harrelson, Woody  1993 Photo Signed Autograph Indecent ProposalHarrelson, Woody  1993 Photo Signed Autograph Indecent Proposal
This item is an 8" X 10",black and photo of actor Woody Harrelson in a scene from the 1993 Movie-"Indecent Proposal". The photo is an original publicity photo from Paramount Pictures.Adrian Lyne buffs the premise of Honeymoon in Vegas to a fine gloss in this yuppie melodrama that poses the conundrum of whether the loving husband of an equally loving wife will accept $1 million to allow his wife to spend one night with a billionaire who looks like Robert Redford. All the cynics please take a number and form a line at the right. Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson play Diana and David Murphy, high-school sweethearts who marry and who are doing very well -- Diana is a successful real-estate agent, and David is an idealistic architect who has built a dream house by the ocean -- until the recession hits. Suddenly, David loses his job, and they can't make the mortgage payments. Dead broke, they borrow $5000 from David's father and head to Las Vegas to try to win money to pay the mortgage on their house. At first, they get $25,000 ahead -- but inevitably the house always wins, and they end up losing it all. While Diana is in the fancy casino boutique trying to lift some candy, she is spotted by billionaire John Gage (Robert Redford), who is immediately attracted to her. John invites Diana and David to an opulent party, and it is there that John offers David $1 million for a night with his wife. David is wracked by this moral dilemma, but Diana finally makes the decision on her own, with ensuing consequences for their ideal marriage and their bank account. The photo has been autographed on the front by Woody Harrelson...................BOTH PHOTO AND AUTOGRAPH ARE IN VERY GOOD CONDITION.........