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Anthony Hope-Frivolous Cupid-Book-Signed 1896

Hope, Anthony -Frivolous Cupid-Book-Signed 1896
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Hope, Anthony -Frivolous Cupid-Book-Signed 1896
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Hope, Anthony -Frivolous Cupid-Book-Signed 1896
Book Description: Hurst & Company, New York, 1896. Hard Cover. Book Condition: Fair. No Jacket. Illustrated (illustrator). 4 1/2" - 6". It's rather dark; won't you take my arm?" he said. "What nonsense! Why, I could see to read!" "But I'm sure you're tired." "How absurd you are! Was it a great bore?" "What?" "Why, coming." "No," said Harry. In such affairs monosyllables are danger signals. A long protestation might have meant nothing: in this short, sufficient negative Mrs. Mortimer recognized the boy's sincerity. A little thrill of pride and shame, and perhaps something else, ran through her. The night was hot and she unfastened the clasp of her cloak, breathing a trifle quickly. To relieve the silence, she said, with a laugh: "You see we poor married women have to depend on charity. Our husbands don't care to walk home with us. Your father was bent on your coming." Harry laughed a short laugh; the utter darkness of Mr. Sterling's condition struck through his agitation down to his sense of humor. Mrs. Mortimer smiled at him; she could not help it: the secret between them was so pleasant to her, even while she hated herself for its existence. The book has been signed on the title page by Anthony Hope. Signed by Author.